SupportCandy is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive support ticket system, enabling businesses and website owners to manage customer inquiries and support tickets directly from their WordPress dashboard. This plugin is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, making it possible for you to set up a fully functional support ticket system without requiring any coding knowledge. It includes features such as unlimited tickets, email notifications, and the ability to assign tickets to specific agents, ensuring that customer support requests are handled efficiently and effectively.

To further extend the capabilities of SupportCandy, a variety of addons introduce additional functionalities such as private notes, time tracking, and the ability to export tickets, among others. They also offer integration with popular services like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, Slack, various Email Marketing services and a number of LMS and Knowledgebase WordPress plugins, allowing for a more seamless and integrated customer support experience.

SupportCandy Agentgroups3.0.5Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Assign Agent Rules3.0.6Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Automatic Close Tickets3.0.6Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Canned Reply3.0.7Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Easy Digital Downloads3.0.8Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Email Marketing Tools3.0.1Mar 25, 2024
SupportCandy Email Piping3.2.0Jun 09, 2024
SupportCandy Export Ticket3.0.9Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy FAQ3.0.4Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Gravity Forms Integration3.1.0Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Knowledgebase3.0.5Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy LMS Integrations3.0.4Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Print Tickets3.0.8Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Private Credentials3.0.7Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Reports3.0.9Mar 24, 2024
SupportCandy Satisfaction Survey3.1.3Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Schedule Tickets3.0.5Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy SLA3.1.0Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Slack Integration3.0.3Apr 30, 2024
SupportCandy Timer3.1.2Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Usergroups3.1.3Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Webhooks3.0.1Mar 25, 2024
SupportCandy WooCommerce3.1.5Apr 28, 2024
SupportCandy Workflows3.0.4Apr 28, 2024



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