Pie Register enhances your website by adding advanced user registration and login features. Designed to make the sign-up and authentication process both secure and user-friendly, Pie Register Premium allows website owners to create custom registration forms with a variety of field types, including text, dropdowns, and CAPTCHAs. This customization ensures that you can gather all necessary information from users during the registration process.

In addition to form customization, Pie Register Premium offers features like email verification to prevent spam, payment integration for membership sites, and conditional logic for dynamic forms. It also includes content restriction capabilities, allowing you to control access based on user roles or subscription levels, making it perfect for membership sites, online communities, and e-commerce platforms.

To further extend Pie Register, a range of premium addons are available. These addons allow for deeper customization and more sophisticated features, such as social login, which lets users register or sign in using their social media accounts, advanced security measures to protect your site, and additional payment gateway integrations.

Pie Register Premium3.8.3.1Mar 23, 2024


Pie Register Authorize.Net1.6.3Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register BBPress1.6Mar 22, 2024
Pie Register Bulk Email2.4Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register Field Visibility1.5.4Mar 22, 2024
Pie Register Geolocation1.4.5Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register Mail Chimp2.4.7Mar 24, 2024
Pie Register PayPal Recurring Payments1.2Mar 22, 2024
Pie Register Profile Search1.6.8Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register Social Sites Login1.7.7Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register Stripe1.5.5Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register Twilio1.4.5Mar 23, 2024
Pie Register WooCommerce1.6Mar 22, 2024



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