FacetWP is a WordPress plugin designed to extend the search capabilities of your website. It allows users to create advanced filtering options, making it easier for visitors to find exactly what they're looking for on your site. FacetWP is particularly useful for online stores, directories, and content-rich websites where users might need to sift through large amounts of data.

This plugin supports various types of filters, like checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges, and sliders. These filters can be applied to posts, pages, custom post types, and even WooCommerce products. FacetWP is known for its flexibility and integration with popular WordPress themes and plugins.

The range of addons available for FacetWP further extends its functionality. These addons offer features like geolocation filtering, conditional logic, user selections, and the ability to create custom search layouts. They enable more complex and specific filtering options, enhancing the user experience and making FacetWP a more powerful tool for advanced site searches and data organization.

FacetWP – Advanced Filtering for WordPress4.3.1Jul 01, 2024


FacetWP – A-Z Listing1.3.9Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Beaver Builder1.4.2May 07, 2024
FacetWP – Bricks Builder integration0.6.3Jul 01, 2024
FacetWP – Cache1.7Jul 27, 2023
FacetWP – Color1.6.2Sep 11, 2023
FacetWP – Conditional Logic1.4.2Feb 14, 2023
FacetWP – Custom Hooks1.0Mar 10, 2024
FacetWP – Elementor1.9.1Jul 06, 2024
FacetWP – Flatsome integration0.4.5Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Flyout menu0.8.3Jul 01, 2024
FacetWP – Hierarchy Select0.5.3Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Map Facet1.0.5Oct 20, 2023
FacetWP – Multilingual support1.0.1Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Pods integration1.2.4Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Range List0.9Mar 16, 2024
FacetWP – Recipes integration0.4.2Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Relevanssi integration0.8.2May 27, 2024
FacetWP – Schedule Indexer1.1Mar 10, 2024
FacetWP – Submit button0.4Dec 17, 2022
FacetWP – Time Since1.7.1Mar 23, 2024



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