Sensei LMS is available for free from the WordPress repository and is a powerful learning management system plugin for WordPress. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress site, allowing you to create and offer online courses, lessons, and quizzes with ease.

The core functionality of Sensei LMS includes an intuitive course builder that lets you create engaging and dynamic courses. You can also create lessons, assignments, and quizzes, and manage grading and course analytics right from your WordPress dashboard. Sensei LMS is designed to work well with themes that support WooCommerce, making it a great choice for those who want to sell their courses online.

Premium add-ons for Sensei LMS extend its capabilities significantly. These add-ons offer features like certificates and badges to reward students, content dripping to release lessons over time, and course progress indicators. Additionally, there are add-ons for integrating with WooCommerce, enabling secure and versatile payment options for course enrollment.

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Sensei Certificates2.5.1Sep 22, 2023
Sensei Content Drip2.1.1Jan 10, 2022
Sensei Course Participants2.0.3Jul 29, 2021
Sensei Course Progress2.0.4Jan 10, 2022
Sensei LMS with WooCommerce Paid Courses4. 06, 2024
Sensei Media Attachments2.0.3Nov 19, 2020
Sensei Share Your Grade2.0.2Jul 29, 2021



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