WP All Import Pro and WP All Export Pro are powerful plugins designed to handle the import and export of data for WordPress websites. These tools are particularly useful for site owners who need to efficiently manage large volumes of content, such as product listings for e-commerce sites, or posts and pages for content-rich sites.

WP All Import Pro simplifies the process of importing data into WordPress. It supports various file types, including XML and CSV, and allows users to map the imported data to the appropriate WordPress fields, custom fields, and even custom post types. This tool is invaluable for site migrations, bulk product uploads for WooCommerce, or importing listings from external sources.

WP All Export Pro, on the other hand, enables users to easily export WordPress data. It offers customizable export options, allowing you to select exactly what data to export and in what format. This is especially useful for site backups, data analysis, or sharing information with external systems.

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Soflyy WP All Export Pro Premium1.8.7-beta-1.5Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Premium4.8.6-beta-2.2Feb 22, 2024


Soflyy WP All Export – User Add-On Pro1.0.8-beta-1.2Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Export Pro ACF Add-On1.0.6-beta-1.3Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Export Pro WooCommerce Add-On1.0.10-beta-1.2Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Advanced Custom Fields3.3.9-beta-2.2Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Link Cloaking1.1.5Jun 01, 2021
Soflyy WP All Import Pro User Import1.1.9-beta-1.2Feb 22, 2024
Soflyy WP All Import Pro WooCommerce4.0.1-beta-1.4Feb 22, 2024



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