MetaBox is a powerful, lightweight plugin that enables developers to quickly create custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. This developer-friendly tool is perfect for adding unique data to posts, pages, or custom post types, offering support for a variety of data types including text, images, files, and more.

Historically, Meta Box could only be expanded with premium add-ons for specific advanced features. However, in a move towards simplification and enhanced usability, Meta Box now offers an all-in-one plugin called Meta Box AIO. This comprehensive solution includes all the premium extensions previously available as separate downloads, meaning users can now access every advanced feature directly within a single plugin.

While individual extensions remain available for those who may need them, Meta Box AIO represents a streamlined, cost-effective approach to achieving maximum functionality without the need to manage multiple plugin installations.

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Meta Box AIO1.26.2Apr 28, 2024


Meta Box Admin Columns1.7.3Mar 17, 2024
Meta Box Blocks1.5.0Apr 28, 2024
Meta Box Builder4.7.2Apr 30, 2024
Meta Box Columns1.2.15Aug 19, 2022
Meta Box Conditional Logic1.6.21Jan 25, 2024
Meta Box Custom Table2.1.10Apr 01, 2024
Meta Box Favorite Posts2.0.8Mar 17, 2024
Meta Box Frontend Submission4.4.3Apr 17, 2024
Meta Box Geolocation1.3.5Jul 27, 2023
Meta Box Group1.3.19Jan 25, 2024
Meta Box Include Exclude1.1.1Apr 17, 2024
Meta Box Revision1.3.7Feb 18, 2024
Meta Box Settings Page2.1.12Mar 24, 2024
Meta Box Show Hide1.3.0Mar 01, 2019
Meta Box Tabs1.1.17Sep 21, 2023
Meta Box Template1.2.3Aug 17, 2023
Meta Box Term Meta1.2.10Nov 29, 2020
Meta Box Testimonials1.1.0Mar 12, 2024
Meta Box Tooltip1.1.7Jan 25, 2023
Meta Box User Avatar1.0.1Mar 12, 2024
Meta Box User Meta1.2.9Jul 06, 2021
Meta Box User Profile2.5.5Apr 17, 2024
Meta Box Views1.12.6Mar 17, 2024



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