LifterLMS is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to create and sell engaging online courses and training-based membership websites. It's an ideal solution for educators, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in delivering e-learning content. LifterLMS stands out for its ease of use and comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of both course creators and learners.

The core LifterLMS plugin enables you to build and offer courses with a range of multimedia lessons, quizzes, and assignments. It supports course tracking, achievement badges, and certificates to motivate learners. The plugin also integrates membership management, allowing you to restrict content access and create exclusive areas for members.

Premium add-ons take LifterLMS to the next level by extending its functionality. These add-ons include advanced payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce integration for smoother transaction processes. There are also add-ons for social learning, private coaching, and additional engagement tools like personalized emails and text messaging. These features collectively make LifterLMS a powerful and scalable platform for anyone looking to create a professional and interactive online learning environment on WordPress.

LifterLMS – WordPress LMS Plugin6.1.0Apr 05, 2022


LifterLMS Authorize.Net Payment Gateway1.1.0Jan 25, 2021
LifterLMS ConvertKit2.1.0Mar 18, 2019
LifterLMS Formidable Forms1.0.3Nov 06, 2018
LifterLMS Gravity Forms2.1.1Jun 08, 2020
LifterLMS MailChimp3.1.2Apr 15, 2019
LifterLMS Ninja Forms1.1.0Sep 22, 2020
LifterLMS PayPal Gateway1.3.0May 26, 2020
LifterLMS Stripe Payment Gateway5.3.1Sep 28, 2020
LifterLMS Twilio1.1.2Jan 14, 2021
LifterLMS WooCommerce2.1.3Dec 04, 2020
LifterLMS WPForms1.1.1Dec 02, 2020



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