SearchWP is an advanced search plugin for WordPress to improve the search experience on your website significantly. It replaces the default WordPress search with a more powerful and customizable search engine, making it easier for your visitors to find relevant content.

The core functionality of SearchWP allows for indexing of a wide range of content, including custom fields, PDF file contents, and shortcodes. This ensures comprehensive search results, including data that the default WordPress search often overlooks. The plugin also offers advanced search algorithms, which can be fine-tuned to prioritize specific content types or fields, enhancing the relevancy of search results.

Premium add-ons for SearchWP extend its capabilities even further. These add-ons include features like integration with WooCommerce, allowing for a better product search experience on eCommerce sites. Other add-ons offer enhanced metrics and insights, enabling you to understand what your visitors are searching for and how they interact with your search function. Additional functionalities like Ajax search and live autocomplete provide a more dynamic and user-friendly search experience.

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SearchWP WordPress Plugin4.3.16Jul 06, 2024


SearchWP bbPress Integration1.3.1Aug 18, 2020
SearchWP BetterDocs Integration1.0.0Aug 25, 2020
SearchWP BigCommerce Integration1.2.0Mar 13, 2024
SearchWP Boolean Search1.4.3Apr 06, 2024
SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration1.2.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP Custom Results Order1.3.8Jul 06, 2024
SearchWP Diagnostics1.5.2Mar 14, 2022
SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration1.7.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP Dutch Keyword Stemmer1.2.4Jun 30, 2017
SearchWP EDD Integration1.1.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP Enable Media Replace Integration1.1.3Apr 06, 2024
SearchWP Exclude UI1.2.3Mar 29, 2024
SearchWP Flatsome Integration1.0.4Nov 02, 2023
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches1.4.4May 16, 2018
SearchWP German Keyword Stemmer1.0.2Apr 13, 2018
SearchWP Give Integration1.1.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP Greek Keyword Stemmer1.0.2Feb 28, 2018
SearchWP HeroThemes Integration1.2.0May 20, 2020
SearchWP LIKE Terms2.4.6Feb 14, 2018
SearchWP Live Ajax Search1.8.2Apr 30, 2024
SearchWP Manage Ignored1.0.0May 25, 2017
SearchWP Meta Box Integration1.1.0Jun 21, 2021
SearchWP Metrics1.4.4Mar 29, 2024
SearchWP MyListing Integration1.1.0Mar 13, 2024
SearchWP Nimble Builder Integration1.0Mar 13, 2024
SearchWP Polylang Integration1.3.9Mar 29, 2024
SearchWP PrivateContent Integration1.3.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP Redirects1.4.3Jul 06, 2024
SearchWP Related1.5.2Jul 06, 2024
SearchWP Shortcodes1.8.4Nov 02, 2023
SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms0.0.3Apr 06, 2024
SearchWP Swedish Keyword Stemmer2.0.2Mar 10, 2018
SearchWP Term Archive Priority1.2.2Feb 23, 2021
SearchWP Term Highlight2.1.14Aug 07, 2018
SearchWP Term Synonyms2.4.14Sep 11, 2018
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration1.3.12Mar 29, 2024
SearchWP WooCommerce Product Table Integration1.0.4Mar 13, 2024
SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration1.1.0Mar 04, 2020
SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration1.6.1May 04, 2020
SearchWP WPML Integration1.6.11Dec 01, 2023
SearchWP Xpdf Integration1.3.0May 05, 2021



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