WPDiscuz revolutionizes your WordPress website's commenting system. It provides an interactive, real-time commenting experience that keeps users engaged and encourages more lively discussions on your posts. WPDiscuz is known for its fast performance and ability to handle large volumes of comments without slowing down your site. It seamlessly integrates with your WordPress theme, maintaining the look and feel of your website while adding powerful new features to your comment section. This plugin supports multi-level comment threads, allowing users to reply to specific comments and create more organized discussions. It also includes various customization options, letting you control the appearance and functionality of your comment section to better match your site's style and your audience's needs.

To extend the functionality of WPDiscuz further, a range of WPDiscuz Addons are available. These addons introduce new features such as comment editing, user and comment rating systems, comment reporting, and more advanced social sharing options.

wpDiscuz7.6.19May 27, 2024


wpDiscuz Ads Manager7.0.7Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Advanced Liking7.0.7Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz BuddyPress Integration1.0.7Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Comment Author Info7.0.13Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Comment Search7.1.1Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Comment Translation7.0.2Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Embeds1.1.2Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Emoticons7.0.15Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Front-End Moderation7.1.0Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz GIPHY Integration1.0.4Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Google reCAPTCHA7.0.4Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Media Uploader7.1.1Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz myCRED Integration7.0.6Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Online Users7.0.6Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Private Comments7.0.9Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Report and Flagging7.0.11Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz Subscription Manager7.0.4Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Syntax Highlighter1.0.3Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Tenor GIFs Integration1.1.6Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz User and Comment Mentioning7.1.7Apr 01, 2024
wpDiscuz User Notifications1.1.0Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Voice Commenting1.0.3Mar 31, 2024
wpDiscuz Widgets7.2.6Apr 30, 2024



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