ATUM Inventory is a highly advanced, free WooCommerce inventory management plugin designed to give shop owners complete control over their stock. It offers a user-friendly interface with features that streamline the process of managing all product types within a single screen. Its flexibility allows customization of the Stock Central visual appearance, adding or removing columns as needed for your business.

ATUM offers several premium add-ons. The Multi-Inventory add-on introduces the ability to create multiple inventories per product, ideal for businesses with intricate inventory requirements. The Product Levels add-on is a game-changer for contractors and manufacturers, facilitating the management of production inventory through the detailed tracking and synchronization of raw materials and product parts. For efficient data management, Export Pro offers robust options for manual or automated exports in various formats, streamlining data handling and analysis. To ensure effective monitoring of your shop's activities, the Action Logs add-on provides comprehensive tracking of all WooCommerce actions, maintaining a detailed record of changes within your store.

ATUM Action Logs Addon1.3.5Jun 13, 2023
ATUM Export Pro Addon1.5.5Jun 13, 2023
ATUM Multi-Inventory Addon1.8.0.1Jun 13, 2023
ATUM Product Levels Addon1.8.7.1Jun 13, 2023



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