Barn2 Media offers a range of WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of your website, particularly in the realms of WooCommerce and content display. These plugins are designed to improve user experience, enhance site management, and optimize e-commerce operations.

Key features of Barn2 Media plugins include innovative solutions for listing products and content. They provide advanced table and list layouts, which are highly customizable and responsive, making it easier for users to browse and interact with your site's offerings. This is particularly useful for online stores, catalogs, directories, and content-rich websites.

The plugins also focus on improving the accessibility and visibility of your content, whether it's through better organization of posts and products or by enhancing search and filter capabilities. They are known for being user-friendly, offering intuitive settings and seamless integration with existing WordPress themes and plugins.

Document Library Pro1.13.6May 07, 2024
Password Protected Categories2.1.18Feb 22, 2024
Posts Table Pro3.1.3Mar 01, 2024
WooCommerce Bulk Variations2.3.3Apr 28, 2024
WooCommerce Discontinued Products1.2.5Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Express Shop Page1.0.6Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Fast Cart1.2.0Apr 28, 2024
WooCommerce Lead Time2.1.1Jan 25, 2024
WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients1.2.10Nov 07, 2023
WooCommerce Private Store1.7.5May 07, 2024
WooCommerce Product Filters1.4.14Mar 14, 2024
WooCommerce Product Options1.6.9Apr 28, 2024
WooCommerce Product Sample1.0.16Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Product Table3.1.3Dec 12, 2023
WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro2.0.0Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Protected Categories2.7.2May 07, 2024
WooCommerce Quantity Manager2.3.4Jan 23, 2024
WooCommerce Quick View Pro1.7.8Feb 29, 2024
WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering2.1.7Feb 15, 2024
WooCommerce Shipping Calculator1.0.5Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Variation Prices1.2.3Mar 16, 2024
WooCommerce Wholesale Pro2.1.4Feb 18, 2024



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