Bookly Pro is a versatile appointment booking and scheduling plugin for WordPress, offering a streamlined solution for businesses to manage bookings online. This plugin is particularly useful for service-based businesses like spas, health clinics, and consulting firms. With Bookly Pro, customers can easily book appointments directly from your website, selecting the service, staff member, and time that suits them best.

The plugin features a customizable booking form, automatic notifications for appointments, and a mobile-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth experience for both clients and administrators. One of the standout features of Bookly Pro is its ability to manage multiple staff members' schedules, along with their individual prices, services, and availability.

Bookly Pro also integrates with popular payment gateways for secure online payments and supports various languages and currencies, making it suitable for a global audience. Its ease of use and robust functionality make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their online booking capabilities.

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Bookly Advanced Google Calendar (Add-on)2.5Feb 21, 2023
Bookly Cart (Add-on)3.1Dec 29, 2023
Bookly Chain Appointments (Add-on)2.4Jul 31, 2022
Bookly Collaborative Services (Add-on)3.2Mar 03, 2024
Bookly Compound Services (Add-on)3.6Feb 21, 2023
Bookly Coupons (Add-on)4.8Feb 15, 2024
Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on)2.7Jul 27, 2023
Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on)4.1Feb 02, 2024
Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)5.9Feb 02, 2024
Bookly Customer Information (Add-on)2.6Nov 07, 2023
Bookly Deposit Payments (Add-on)3.5Feb 15, 2024
Bookly Discounts (Add-on)1.9Feb 15, 2024
Bookly Files (Add-on)3.5Jan 10, 2024
Bookly Google Maps Address (Add-on)1.9Jan 23, 2024
Bookly Group Booking (Add-on)2.9Jul 27, 2023
Bookly Invoices (Add-on)4.6Dec 29, 2023
Bookly Locations (Add-on)5.6Jan 10, 2024
Bookly Mollie (Add-on)3.1Mar 21, 2023
Bookly Multiply Appointments (Add-on)2.6Jul 29, 2022
Bookly Multisite (Add-on)3.1Mar 03, 2024
Bookly Packages (Add-on)6.4Feb 15, 2024
Bookly PayPal Checkout (Add-on)2.4Nov 07, 2023
Bookly Payson (Add-on)2.8Dec 01, 2022
Bookly PayU Latam (Add-on)2.9Dec 01, 2022
Bookly Ratings (Add-on)3.0Nov 15, 2023
Bookly Recurring Appointments (Add-on)5.9Feb 15, 2024
Bookly Service Extras (Add-on)5.7Dec 29, 2023
Bookly Service Schedule (Add-on)3.5Feb 02, 2024
Bookly Special Days (Add-on)5.0Jan 03, 2023
Bookly Special Hours (Add-on)3.4Nov 07, 2023
Bookly Staff Cabinet (Add-on)4.9Jul 27, 2023
Bookly Stripe (Add-on)4.5Jan 10, 2024
Bookly Taxes (Add-on)2.7Dec 01, 2022
Bookly Waiting List (Add-on)3.0Mar 03, 2024



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