MainWP is available for free from the WordPress repository and is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress management plugin designed for anyone who manages multiple WordPress sites and is available  It simplifies the maintenance and monitoring of multiple sites from a single dashboard, making it a favorite among website administrators and agencies.

With MainWP, you can update themes, plugins, and WordPress core across all your sites with just a few clicks. It also enables you to manage content, monitor uptime, and perform regular security checks. The plugin's backup system is robust, providing peace of mind with scheduled backups and easy restoration options.

The power of MainWP is significantly enhanced by its premium add-ons. These add-ons extend the functionality of MainWP, offering features like advanced uptime monitoring, SEO tools, and enhanced backup options, including integrations with popular services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Other premium add-ons focus on security, analytics, and white labeling, allowing for a more customized and comprehensive WordPress management experience. MainWP with its add-ons is an essential tool for anyone looking to efficiently manage a network of WordPress sites.

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MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor5.3Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Article Uploader5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Backup WordPress4.0.2Mar 06, 2020
MainWP BackWPUp5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Boilerplate5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Branding5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Buddy5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Bulk Settings Manager5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Clean and Lock5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Client Reports4.0.14Jan 29, 2023
MainWP Clone5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Code Snippets5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Comments5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Custom Post Types5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Favorites5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP File Uploader5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Google Analytics5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP iThemes Security5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Links Manager2.1Feb 26, 2018
MainWP Maintenance5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Page Speed4.0.3Feb 01, 2023
MainWP Piwik5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Post Dripper5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Post Plus5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Pro Reports5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Rocket5.0.1Mar 03, 2024
MainWP Staging5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Sucuri5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Team Control5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Time Capsule5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP UpdraftPlus5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP URL Extractor5.0Feb 29, 2024
MainWP Vulnerability Checker5.0Mar 01, 2024
MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts5.0Mar 01, 2024
MainWP WooCommerce Status5.0.1Mar 01, 2024
MainWP WordFence5.0Mar 01, 2024
MainWP WordPress SEO5.0Mar 01, 2024



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