WPMU Dev offers a suite of WordPress plugins designed to enhance, secure, and manage your WordPress site efficiently. Their collection is diverse, catering to various aspects of website functionality and optimization.

Included are plugins for website security, which help in protecting your site from hacks and breaches. They also provide backup solutions, ensuring your site's data is safely stored and can be easily restored in case of any issues. For site optimization, WPMU Dev plugins focus on improving website speed and performance, essential for user experience and SEO. They also offer plugins for SEO analysis, helping you fine-tune your site for better search engine rankings.

WPMU DEV Beehive Pro Google Analytics3.4.12Apr 28, 2024
WPMU DEV Branda (Ultimate Branding)3.4.18Jul 05, 2024
WPMU DEV Defender Pro4.7.4Jul 06, 2024
WPMU DEV Forminator Pro1.32.0Jul 05, 2024
WPMU DEV Forminator Stripe Subscriptions1.1Jun 09, 2024
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro3.8.1May 07, 2024
WPMU DEV Hustle Pro7.8.4Mar 16, 2024
WPMU DEV Integrated Video Tutorials1.8.14Mar 16, 2024
WPMU DEV Shipper Pro1.2.15Aug 11, 2023
WPMU DEV SmartCrawl Pro3.10.8Jun 09, 2024
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro4.20.0Oct 05, 2023
WPMU DEV WP Smush Pro3.16.5Jul 05, 2024



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