WP Toolset is a collection of powerful plugins for WordPress that allow users to build custom websites without extensive programming knowledge. These plugins enable the creation of custom post types, fields, and taxonomies, making it easy to manage and display content in a way that suits specific website needs.

The main components of WP Toolset include Types for defining custom post types, fields, and taxonomies; Blocks for dynamic content displays and complex page layouts using the WordPress block editor; Access for managing user roles and permissions; Forms for creating front-end forms for user submissions, content editing, and registrations; and Maps for geolocation features, allowing you to display maps and location-based information, enhancing directories, listings, or any site where location data is vital.

WP Toolset is particularly useful for developers and site builders who want to create custom, data-driven websites without relying on PHP coding. It's ideal for creating directories, e-commerce sites, membership sites, and more. With its drag-and-drop interface and integration with popular themes and other plugins, WP Toolset simplifies the process of developing feature-rich, custom websites on WordPress.

Toolset Access2.9.1May 27, 2024
Toolset Advanced Export1Jan 24, 2017
Toolset Avada Integration1.5.3May 24, 2017
Toolset Blocks1.6.15May 27, 2024
Toolset Classifieds Addon0.4Jun 07, 2018
Toolset Cornerstone Integration1.2Feb 22, 2017
Toolset Customizr Integration1.3Feb 23, 2017
Toolset Divi Integration1.7.2May 24, 2017
Toolset Forms2.6.21May 27, 2024
Toolset Forms Commerce1.8.5Apr 12, 2023
Toolset Framework Installer3.1.17Feb 27, 2022
Toolset Genesis Integration1.9.2May 24, 2017
Toolset Layouts2.6.16Mar 09, 2024
Toolset Maps2.1.3Aug 19, 2023
Toolset Module Manager1.8.8Apr 12, 2023
Toolset Starter Theme1.4.2May 24, 2017
Toolset Types WordPress Plugin3.5.2Dec 21, 2023
Toolset Views3.6.15May 27, 2024
Toolset WooCommerce Views3.1.5Apr 26, 2023



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