LoginPress Pro is a customizable WordPress plugin specifically designed to transform and enhance the login pages of WordPress websites. Ideal for website owners who wish to personalize the login experience, LoginPress Pro offers an array of options to modify and style the login page without requiring any coding expertise.

The core functionality of LoginPress Pro allows users to easily change the layout, colors, and background of the login page. This includes the ability to add custom logos, change text fields, and even modify the login page URL for added security. The plugin's user-friendly interface ensures that these customizations are accessible to all skill levels.

Premium add-ons for LoginPress Pro extend its capabilities further. These add-ons include features like social login, which allows users to log in using their social media accounts, and login redirects, which can guide users to specific pages after logging in, and auto-login, which simplifies the login process for users. Together, LoginPress Pro and its add-ons offer a comprehensive solution for creating a more branded, secure, and user-friendly login experience on WordPress sites.

LoginPress Pro3.1.2Jun 15, 2024


LoginPress – Auto Login3.0.0Apr 28, 2024
LoginPress – Hide Login3.0.0Apr 28, 2024
LoginPress – Limit Login Attempts4.0Apr 28, 2024
LoginPress – Login Logout Menu1.5.1Jun 15, 2024
LoginPress – Login Widget3.0.0Apr 28, 2024
LoginPress – Redirect Login3.0.0Apr 28, 2024
LoginPress – Social Login3.0.0Apr 28, 2024



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