GamiPress is a WordPress plugin that gamifies your website, encouraging user interaction and participation by awarding points, badges, and ranks. This tool is designed to boost user engagement and motivate continuous interaction with your content. Whether you're running an educational site, a community portal, or a business website, GamiPress turns user activities into rewarding experiences.

With GamiPress, you can set up point systems for various actions, such as commenting on posts, logging in, or completing specific tasks. Users can earn badges for achieving milestones and ranks to signify their progress or expertise. This gamification approach not only enhances the user experience but also promotes loyalty and increases content interaction.

To extend the functionality of GamiPress further, a range of addons are available that add exciting new features. such as time-based rewards, leaderboards to foster competition, and the ability to restrict content based on user achievements. With these additional tools, you can tailor the gamification elements to fit the specific needs and goals of your website, creating a unique and captivating experience for your users.

GamiPress WordPress Plugin6.9.9.1May 07, 2024


GamiPress Admin Emails1.0.5Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Anniversaries1.0.3Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Badgr1.1.2May 07, 2024
GamiPress Birthdays1.0.6Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress BuddyBoss Notifications1.0.7Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Conditional Emails1.1.0Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Conditional Notifications1.1.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Congratulations Popups1.1.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Coupons1.1.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Credly1.0.4Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Daily Login Rewards1.1.6Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Easy Digital Downloads Discounts1.1.0Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Easy Digital Downloads Partial Payments1.1.4Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Easy Digital Downloads Points Gateway1.1.2Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Email Digests1.0.7Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Expirations1.0.7Mar 23, 2024
GamiPress Frontend Reports1.0.4Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Leaderboards1.4.7Apr 17, 2024
GamiPress Mark As Completed1.0.5Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Nominations1.1.2Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Notifications1.5.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Points Cards1.0.4May 07, 2024
GamiPress Points Exchanges1.1.3Apr 06, 2024
GamiPress Points Limits1.0.7Apr 17, 2024
GamiPress Points Payouts1.0.9Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Progress1.4.3Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Progress Map1.1.4Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Purchases1.2.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Referrals1.1.5Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Reports1.1.0Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Rest API Extended1.0.5Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Restrict Content1.2.5Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Restrict Unlock1.1.0Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Social Share1.2.6Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Submissions1.0.9Mar 21, 2024
GamiPress Time-Based Rewards1.1.0Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress Transfers1.3.1Mar 20, 2024
GamiPress WooCommerce Discounts1.1.4Mar 23, 2024
GamiPress WooCommerce Partial Payments1.1.9Mar 23, 2024
GamiPress WooCommerce Points Gateway1.2.1Mar 23, 2024
GamiPress Zapier1.0.8Mar 20, 2024



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